Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grand Sangria

  1. Red wine - 1 bottle (Use any cheap fruit forward red wine)
  2. Chopped up fruits - 1 cup (you can use Plum,apples, Oranges,Cherries,Grapes,strawberries etc)
  3. Ginger ale - to taste (OR club soda and sugar)

Cut the fruits into dices or thin slices and mix it with the wine(and sugar if you plan on serving with club soda, If using ginger ale skip the sugar) and keep refrigerated for several hours or overnight.This will allow the fruit flavors to blend with the wine.
When ready to serve add ice cubes to the glass and fill in 3/4 cup of the wine mixture and top off  with soda/Gingerale.
Serve chilled.

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