Thursday, December 11, 2014

Homemade Cashew Fruit Wine

You can follow the same measurements for the fruit and water ratio for most wines. You could use any fruits , adjust the sugar according to how sweet you prefer your wine and  also on the sugar content of the fruit.The standard measurement for 1 kg fruit is 1 kg sugar .For fruits that are sour you can increase the sugar by 1/2 kg more that is 1.5 kg sugar for 1 kg fruit.

I have used ripe cashew fruit and have not added any colour or caramel .

  1. Cashew fruit - about 12 medium sized  approximately 1 kg (Remove the nut and use only the fruit)
  2. Sugar  – 1 kg (add 1/2 kg more if you like your wine sweet)
  3. Boiled and  cooled water – 4 liters
  4. Yeast – 1 tsp

Wash and then cashew fruit dry. Cut it into small pieces.
 Add the cut up cashew fruit ,sugar ,water and yeast  into a glass or Ceramic jar. I use the traditional Bharani , mix it well and keep in a cool dark place
Open and stir this every day for 21 days (Its ok if you miss a day in between)
On day 22 -  strain the mixture through a clean cheese cloth / muslin cloth into a clean dry vessel. Make sure that there is no water content.
Pour this in a clean dry glass jar/ceramic jar and keep for another 21 days . Do not disturb or stir during this time . Once every 2-3 days open the lid also allow any gas that forms to escape.
On 22nd day pour into bottles and store - Make sure that you dont stir up the sediments and make it cloudy this ensures that you get a clear wine .
Wine gets better as it ages , the colour changes to a deep rich gold and the liquid becomes crystal clear . Usually its a bit cloudy during the initial month.


  1. Worthful & lovely preparation......

  2. The cut cup cashew fruit need to be swusque and mix or just as u said mix with other ingredients? Pls reply

  3. Squeeze* and mix(corrected)

  4. No need to squeeze the fruit , just mixing is enough

  5. What's the point of adding egg white?.

    1. Egg white is added to get a clear wine .

  6. When to add egg in the process and how much egg? Please explain. And is it compulsory to add egg?

  7. Cashew fruit without skin or with skin??


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