Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pinwheel sandwich

  1. un-sliced bread (white /wheat or multigrain) - 1 long loaf
  2. butter - 4 tbsp
  3. fillings of your choice 

I have used - boiled egg, tomato,green chutney,salt , pepper on one and green chutney and cheese slices on another.

Method :

cut away the sides of the bread there will be 4 sides along the length of the bread and 2 of the end slices.
Cut the loaf into long sheets about 1.5 cm thick - You should be able to get around 5 long slices from a large loaf .

Apply butter on one side , then add the remaining ingredients you have assembled for the filling on the buttered side

Roll this into a log and wrap in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and keep aside until ready to serve .
 Slice into desired thickness and serve cold or at room temperature .
If you are adding cheese as a filling , you can microwave the logs for 30 seconds and then cut and serve .

Ideas for fillings -
1- tomatoes , cucumber ,onion chopped fine
2- cold cut meats like salami , ham ,sliced sausages
3- Nutella & cream cheese
4- butter & jam
5 - chicken salad etc
6- chutney and cheese

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