Saturday, November 6, 2010


A Screwdriver or simply "Vodka Orange Juice" is a popular cocktail made with fresh Orange Juice and vodka.The basic drink is simply the two ingredients but there are many variations where Orange juice is replaced with Apple Juice,Gatorade, Tang,Carbonated Orange soda,prune juice etc.The Vodka is sometimes replaced with or used along with Gin,Dark rum, Champagne etc.

They do have some interesting names depending on what goes into the mix.
Vodka + Gatorade = The 'poor man's screwdriver'
Vodka + Orange Soda = Hi-Fi
Vodka + Tang = "Tang banger"
Vodka + Gin + OJ = "sloe screw"
Vodka + Apple Juice = Anita Bryant
Vodka + prune juice = piledriver
Vodka + blue Jones Soda(Bubble glum flavored carbonated drink) = Sonic Screwdriver
Vodka + Dark Rum + OJ =  Brass Monkey
Champagne + OJ = Mimosa
Vodka + Tequila + OJ + any energy drink = Electric Screwdriver

  1. Vodka - 1 part
  2. Orange Juice - 3 parts
  3. Ice cubes - 3

Add ice cubes to a glass, add in the vodka and top off with Orange Juice.

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