Monday, August 3, 2009

Salmon cake / Fish cake

  1. Fish - you can use fresh,grilled,canned or steamed fish (I used canned Salmon)
  2. Boiled and slightly mashed potato - 1/2 cup potato for 1 cup fish
  3. green chillies - chopped
  4. onion - chopped
  5. ginger and garlic - chopped fine
  6. Pepper - crushed
  7. egg whites - beaten
  8. salt and vinegar - to taste
  9. Oil - to shallow fry
Heat oil in a pa and add the ginger garlic,onion and green chillies .Saute until wilted.
Add in the cooked/canned drained fish pieces and saute for few minutes.
Add in salt, vinegar and pepper powder to taste.
Turn the flame off and then add in the lightly mashed potatoes.
mix it lightly and form into balls and flatten into discs.

Heat oil in a non stick pan - just enough to saute or shallow fry the fish cakes.
Dip each of the fish cakes into egg white and shallow fry until lightly browned.

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