Monday, January 11, 2010

Kolkata Egg roll

A very quick and tasty breakfast , lunch or dinner which takes only ten minutes to make .It is a very popular street food in Calcutta.I have used Frozen Malaysian paratha as the base.You could use home made parathas.Ideal as packed lunch for school or work .

  1. Paratha - 1
  2. Egg - 1
  3. Tomato - 1 small chopped
  4. shallots - 1 medium chopped
  5. Green chillies - 1 cut into rings
  6. Salt - to taste
  7. Oil - 1 tsp
Heat a nonstick pan and cook the paratha and keep aside.
Beat the egg with the tomato,onion , green chillies and salt.
Add 1 tsp oil to the pan and when it heats pour in the egg mixture.
Spread it out so that it is almost the same shape and size as the paratha.
Cook on low flame until the egg starts to set slightly.
Add the paratha on top of the egg and continue cooking.
Once one side is cooked flip over and cook the other side.
Place the cooked egg paratha (egg side up on a plate)
squeeze a thin line of ketchup if you like and roll it up .

Note:Traditionally the egg is cooked with only salt and once the paratha is made,chopped cucumbers, green chillies and raw onion is added with a squeeze of ketchup and the paratha is rolled in wax paper or news paper.

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