Friday, July 17, 2009

Shrimp /Chemeen Fry

Ingredients and Method:
Marinate cleaned and deveined shrimp with a paste of
  1. chilly powder,
  2. turmeric powder,
  3. vinegar or tamrind paste,
  4. salt and garlic powder or paste(very little) .
Keep it for 2 hours and shallow fry in coconut oil or vegetable oil.
Use very little oil in a non stick pan ( just enough to wet the pan- add more if needed)else the masala will go into the oil and the shrimp will be bland.

Now for the best part :) - fry some cooked rice in the pan that you cooked the shrimp in , add a pinch of salt to taste ..hmmm that rice is yuuuumyyy.

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