Thursday, July 23, 2009

Okra/Vendakka Pachadi

  1. vendakka/Okra - cut into thin rounds.
  2. Green chillies- slit,
  3. Onion - chopped fine.
  4. Sour curd.
  5. Salt, oil and mustard seeds.
Heat oil and saute the okra with salt until it is browned(you don't have to deep fry just keep it uncovered on medium flame in a nonstick pan with little oil and stir occasionally) .
Heat some oil and add mustard seeds,then the chopped onion and green chilly and saute .
add the fried okra back and turn the flame off.
Add in the beaten curd and stir well.
add salt to taste.Don't heat too much after adding curd it will curdle.

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