Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ginger ,Rice & Banana wine

Ingredients :

  1. Ginger - 200 gms
  2. Robusta bananas  - 3 peeled and sliced 
  3. Kaima rice/Basmati rice -  1/2 cup 
  4. Water - 14 glasses 
  5. Sugar - 6 cups
  6. Yeast -1 tsp 
  7. tea bag - 3 (optional, I used saffron flavored tea for color)

Boil the water with sliced ginger and allow it to cool to room temperature.

While the water is cooling dip the teabags in it and allow to steep.
Remove tea bags once cool and add all remaining ingredients and mix well.
Store it in a glass or ceramic jar with a lid .
close the lid and keep aside in a cool dark place.
Stir the mix once everyday with a clean dry wooden spoon or stick and replace the lid afterwards.
After 21 days strain the mix ,remove all the solid bits and pour into another clean dry glass jar and leave undisturbed for another 3-4 weeks .
During this time ,do not open the bottle and allow air inside .
Do not keep in sunlight ,keep it in a cool dark place 
After 2-3 weeks the sediments will settle to the bottom and the wine will become clear.
transfer into glass bottles with tight lids without disturbing the sediments and use as required.
You can increase the sugar by 2 cups if you like your wine sweet .


  1. is it regular tea bags? or will green tea be an option?

  2. tried with regular tea bags... wonderful!


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