Monday, March 16, 2015

Salted Butterscotch Caramel Panna Cotta with Cashew Praline

Ingredients :

For the Panna Cotta 

  1. Fresh cream - 2 cups
  2. Milk - 1 cup
  3. sugar - 1/3 cups + 2 tbsp
  4. vanilla extract - 1 tsp
  5. unflavored gelatin - 2.5 tsp 
  6. salt - a pinch

For the Butterscotch Caramel Sauce 

  1. Granulated Sugar - 4 tbsp
  2. Salted Butter (Amul butter) - 2 tbsp
  3. Cream - 4 tbsp
  4. Butter Scotch essence - 2 drops
  5. Milk - 1 tbsp or as required to thin the sauce if necessary

For the Cashew Praline

  1. Granulated Sugar - 4 tbsp
  2. Cashews - 10

Note : This quantity is sufficient for 6 servings


NOTE : when using gelatin , 1 tsp of gelatin crystals is used for 1 cup of liquid to get a good set. I have used a slightly lesser amount ,since I prefer the texture very wobbly and just set /soft .Depending on the ratio of gelatin to the liquid your panna cotta texture will vary.
Make sure that the gelatine is completely dissolved - else you wont get the creamy texture . If in doubt you can strain and use the gelatin /milk mixture before adding the cream .

For the Panna Cotta -In a sauce pan , add the cold milk and  sprinkle the gelatin powder and keep aside for 5 minutes.
Whisk it with a wire whisk or fork and heat on a low flame stirring constantly until the gelatin is melted .
Add in the sugar and mix , add the fresh cream and heat until it is about to boil .Turn the flame off and add the vanilla essence and salt .
Pour into Ramekins and refrigerate for 4 hours at least for a good set .
You can make this upto 3 days ahead.

For the Cashew Praline - Grease a steel lid or plate with some butter and keep ready .
In a small pan add the granulated sugar in a flat layer and place it on the stove , cook on medium flame without stirring until the sugar starts to melt and caramelize.
When it gets to a golden color add the cashews and stir . Turn the flame off and immediately pour it on to a greased steel plate.
Allow it to cool and then place it on to a cutting board and crush lightly with the back of a spoon or a pestle.

For Butterscotch Caramel sauce -  If you are using unsalted butter , add salt to taste.
In a saucepan add the sugar in a single layer and start cooking it without stirring until it starts melting and changing color.
Watch the caramel closely - it will burn quickly , so when it reaches a color slightly less than what you prefer (a dark golden brown) take it off the heat and place it on a wooden or granite counter top.
Carefully add in the butter and stir well. It will splutter .Then add in the cream and mix ,stirring continuously until it is blended well.
Keep the sauce back on the low flame and stir to combine until you get a syrup consistency (It will thicken more when cool )
turn the flame off and add the butter scotch essence and milk if needed.

To plate : Dip the Panna Cotta Ramekin in warm water for 5 seconds and invert on to a wet plate . using a wet plate will allow you to move the Panna cotta around as you require . If you plate it on a dry plate it wont be possible to shift the panna cotta without breaking it.
Spoon the caramel sauce over it and sprinkle with the crushed cashew

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