Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beef noodle soup with baby bokchoy and enoki mushrooms

My effort at trying to recreate something similar to the Vietnamese Beef noodle soup.I got carried away by all the new ingredients I found at the local Korean store .It is my first experience cooking with enoki mushrooms - they looked so cute that I couldn't resist picking some up , they turned out to be very tasty and tender - not as earthy as the regular mushrooms but milder .

The authentic recipe uses beef broth that has been made by simmering Beef bones with water for hours with star anise and ginger etc.I didn't have all that time so I used the chicken bullion cubes instead of beef broth.The Herb Ox brand doesn't have any MSG so it is a better choice than other brands.The Vietnamese slice the beef paper thin and leave it raw in the soup bowl.The beef is cooked by the heat of the boiling broth that is poured on it.Again with kids I didn't want to take a chance with raw meat ,so I sauteed it with Soy sauce and then added to the soup.

This Soup is generally served with a plate of bean sprouts, lemon wedges,sliced green chillies,Thai basil,spring onions,fish sauce,and cilantro on the side.The cooked noodles and raw beef are placed at the bottom of the soup bowl and the boiling broth is poured over it ,individuals can then add whatever they want to the soup according to their taste.This is one of my favourite dishes at a Vietnamese restaurant.Very light and flavourful and very soothing on a cold rainy day.Finally :) here goes the recipe


  1. 3 cups of water.
  2. 3 soup cubes.
  3. Beef sliced thin and sauteed with soy sauce - 1 cup(just put the beef and soy sauce into a non stick pan and saute for few minutes).
  4. Mushrooms sauteed in the same pan after taking the beef out - 1/2 cup.
  5. Saute a few leaves of spinach or bok choy for few minutes and keep aside.
  6. Cooked rice noodles - 1 cup.


Boil the water and add the soup cubes.In 3 soup bowls add some cooked noodles,beef,mushrooms and sauteed bok choy and keep it ready .
Pour the boiling broth into the bowl and serve with green chillies,spring onions,lemon and any sauce you like.

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