Friday, August 20, 2010

Banana Chips

I have always thought that it was difficult to make the perfect Kozhikodan chips at home...But believe me it is very very easy...and once you try the home made chips the bakery ones don't taste that good anymore .


  1. you need unripe plantains(not bananas).
  2. a little water mixed with turmeric powder and salt.
  3. Oil to fry the chips in.

The chips are directly sliced into the hot oil using the slicer option on one of those grating tools.
While peeling the plantain skin wear gloves :) unless you want your hands stained .
Okay now to make chips , heat the oil until really hot , then you reduce the flame and bring down the temperature slightly and during this time slice the chips into thin rounds into the oil (careful - hot oil causes bad burns).
Mix this around with a slotted spoon so that they don't stick to each other.
when 3/4'th done pour in 1 spoon of the turmeric/salt water and mix well .
Fry until all the water is gone.
You will know when the chips are ready to come out of the oil when the sizzle in the oil dies down and the chips feel kind of firm and crispy.
Take the chips out and drain on paper towel.
After the first batch you would know if you need to add more or less of the salt water according to taste.


  1. Amma is making this today!! yours look crisp n yummmm!

  2. Hi, always wanted to try this. Do you add the 1 spoon of turmeric/salt water, directly into the oil? Woudnt the oil splutter when water is added? Thanks.


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